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​New Employee Orientation

Online Orientation

New Employee Orientation is now online! We are excited to have you join us as one of the newest members of the CU-Boulder community. In an effort to connect you with the campus and the many services and resources we offer, please complete a 30-45 minute online orientation. 

In addition to covering topics such as Human Resources, Training, Work-life Benefits, Discounts, Campus Dining, Recreation, Parking, IT Services, and more, this course will discuss the rich history, culture, and accomplishments we are proud of here at CU-Boulder. 

We hope this course will be a great start to all CU-Boulder has to offer!

To access the online orientation, please follow these steps:
(note: you must have an active IdentiKey login and password in order to access the myCUinfo portal)

  • Logon to your campus myCUinfo portal ( )
  • Click the CU Resources tab
  • On the column on the left, click TRAINING
  • Click Start Skillsoft*
  • Click Catalog
  • Click University of Colorado - Courses to view the expandable folder structure
  • Click the CU-Boulder folder
  • Click the Human Resources folder
  • Click the course title, New Employee Orientation, then [Launch]

*If you are having trouble logging in to Skillsoft, you can check your browser compatibility at under "Skillsoft Troubleshooting Guides."

Of course, we want you to know you always have a place to ask questions. If after completing the New Employee Orientation online and checking the resource lists, you are unsure of who to contact for assistance with any of the topics, please feel free to send an email to We will be glad to assist you or point you in the right direction.   



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