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​How to Register

There are two ways to register for Organizational and Employee Development seminars and training courses

  1. Register using SkillSoft

  2. To access using myCUinfo

    1. Logon to your campus myCUinfo portal
    2. Click on the 'CU Resources tab
    3. In the column on the left, click 'Training'
    4. From the options that appear, click 'Start SkillSoft'
    5. Click 'Catalog'
    6. In the 'Catalog' window click 'Instructor Led Training' folder
    7. Click CU Boulder Human Resources folder to view course titles
    8. Click the course title, and then [Launch] click the blue triangle to launch (This opens a separate window for Sessions)
    9. Scroll to bottom of page and click on the Session you want to attend
    10. Click [Enroll Me] at the bottom of the page 
    ​*If you are having trouble logging in to Skillsoft, you can check your browser compatibility at under "Skillsoft Troubleshooting Guides." 
  3. Call Organizational and Employee Development at 2-8103


To register for other training opportunities on campus, please refer to the individual department.

​Phone Number
Accounting and Business Support
2-3166 ​
Sponsored Projects Accounting
 2-0323 ​
New Property Acquisitions ​
How to Inventory Equipment ​
2-2424 ​
Environmental, Health and Safety class ​
Equal Opportunity​
2-6706 ​
Human Resources; Employment Services ​
2-6475 ​
Organizational & Employee Development ​
2-8103 ​
2-0956 ​
Information Technology Services​
International Education​
2-8057 ​
Mailing Services classes​
2-6242 ​
Payroll & Benefits classes ​
ACARD Training class ​
CU Recycling classes​

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