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Leadership and Management
Graduate Certificate


In response to an ongoing need for management and leadership development training for employees on the Boulder campus, the Department of Human Resources and the Lockheed Martin Engineering Management Program (EMP), have collaborated to design and offer a customized graduate level Leadership and Management Certificate to employees. This certificate program will help our current and future leaders develop and refine their leadership skills and learn new ways to measure and enhance organizational effectiveness with practical application.  Find a complete program description here: EMP Landing Page (Please carefully read the instructions below before applying)
To obtain the certificate, employees must successfully complete the following four graduate courses (12 credits):
                EMEN 5030: Project Management Systems
                EMEN 5040: Business Performance Excellence
                EMEN 5050: Leadership
                EMEN 5080: Ethical Decision Making
The Leadership and Management Graduate Certificate and the associated courses are open to application by the general public, including current staff members. However, in an effort to create a certificate program that is more accessible to a select group of qualuified CU employees, we have created a special program exclusively for CU Boulder employees with both additional benefits and additional selection criteria.

In an effort to combine learning with practical experience and real-time impact on University operations, special consideration or priority may be given to employees whose departments are actively involved in implementing the Business Performance Excellence (BPE) model in their departments or who have been asked to serve as subject matter experts on BPE in service to the University.

Special Benefits Associated with the Exclusive Program

·         Selected employees are eligible to use work time to take all classes.
·         Participants will be eligible to have fees and books paid by their department.

Selection Criteria, Process, and Application Deadlines

Please complete the "Exclusive Program Application" (Step 1) prior to completing the EMP online application (Step 2) and additional documents required by the Lockheed Martin Engineering Management Program. Your exclusive program application will be reviewed by the Office of Organizational and Employee Development and you will be notified of your eligibility to participate in the program. You should wait to receive this approval prior to applying through the Lockheed Martin Engineering Management Program (Step 2). You must also complete a the faculty staff non-degree application (Step 3) and tuition waiver application (Step 4).  

To commence this program in Spring 2014, please submit the Exclusive Program Application by December 11, 2013, and remaining application materials to the Lockheed Marting Engineering Management Program by December 20, 2013. 

Step 1: Special requirements and Exclusive Program Application for CU-Boulder Employees

·         Two letters of recommendation, one of which must come from someone in their current supervisory upline.
·         Permission of both their immediate supervisor and their hiring authority/appointing authority
(if different than immediate supervisor).
·         Employee must be approved by her/his Vice Chancellor.
·         One year of University of Colorado work experience. Exception may be made if employee is from a department actively involved in implementing the Business Performance Excellence (BPE) process.
·         Employees must have at least 'meeting expectation' performance ratings (Level 2 for classified employees or Levels 3 -5 for exempt professional employees).
·         Employees must be managing or otherwise involved in the strategic direction of their department or be identified as someone likely to assume a supervisory, managerial or leadership role.

To substantiate the above criteria, please submit the Exclusive Program Application along with all requested documents by December 11, 2013 and prior to completing an application through the Engineering Management Program (Step 2 below)

For specific questions about the exclusive program benefits, requirements, and exclusive program application, please contact Brett Rogers, Director of Organizational and Employee Development, at

Step 2: General admission requirements and Application to the EMP Graduate Certificate Program

·         Application and admission to the Lockheed Martin Engineering Management Certificate Program
·         Undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited University
·         Undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or higher
·         Unofficial or Official transcripts for undergraduate and/or Master's degree
·         Current Professional Resume
·         Cover Letter (statement of purpose)

Once you have received notification from the Office of Organizational and Employee Development that you have met the qualifications associated with the exclusive program (after submitting the Exclusive Program Application above), please complete the online application and other documents through the Lockheed Martin Engineering Management Program website no later than December 20, 2013.

For specific questions about the EMP application, please contact Jannette Noonan, Associate Director and Graduate Advisor at

Step 3: Faculty/Staff Non-Degree Seeking Admission Application

  • Complete the Application for Non-Degree Admission for Faculty/Staff

    We strongly recommend submitting this application by December 20, 2013 as well to ensure timely enrollment, however exact deadlines and information will be updated on the Employee Services website.

    For specific questions about the Non-Degree Admission Application for Faculty/Staff, please contact the Office of Admissions at 303-492-6301.

Step 4: Use of Tuition Waiver Benefit and Application

  • Employees must use their tuition reimbursement benefit, up to 9 credits per year, toward the certificate program.
  • In order to use the tuition reimbursement benefit, employees must apply for a classroom section of the course, not distance learning.

    Again, we strongly recommend submitting this application by December 20, 2013 as well to ensure timely enrollment, however exact deadlines and step-by-step information will be updated on the Employee Services website.

    Employees should review the complete requirements and steps necessary to use their Tuition Reimbursement Benefit
    . Please contact the Bursar's Office at 303-492-5381 for specific questions on using your tuition benefit.

Optional Non-Credit Course Participation (non-fee based / not certificate seeking)

·         This allows an employee to participate in a course, space available, without receiving credit or formal application.
·         This is an option for employees who may not wish to pursue further graduate education for credit, have concerns with the time commitment outside of work, or are currently using tuition reimbursement in another program or for a dependent.
·         This may also be an option for employees who wish to take the course through distance learning, particularly since tuition reimbursement is not applicable to distance learning sections. 
·         Employees are expected to participate in class discussions and complete assigned readings,  but do not  complete team or individual assignments or take exams, except in EMEN 5050 where all assignments are still required.
·         This option is available on campus space limited, however has unlimited availability through distance technology.

Application of Credits Towards a Graduate Degree

·         These classes may apply directly towards an ME in the College of Engineering.
·         Many graduate programs (including  MBAs) may accept up to 3 of these classes (9 credits) towards elective requirements associated with the degree. 
·         If you intend to apply the credits earned as part of this certificate program towards any graduate degree at CU-Boulder (including the ME), you must apply for admission through the graduate school, completing the online application and all other requirements. This must be done prior to commencement of the fourth course of the program to ensure all acceptable credits apply towards the degree program.