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Mandatory Training

Depending on your job description, you could be subject to a number of mandatory trainings.  Please consult the trainings on this page as well as your department liaison for the content applicable to your situation. 

Training for New Employees

New Employee Orientation Program

Our orientation program provides you with valuable information -- all you ever wanted to know about being an employee at CU-Boulder!  We are excited you are joining us as one of the newest members of the CU--Boulder community. Learning about the many services and resources available to you on campus will lay the groundwork for an enjoyable and successful career.

New Employee Orientation is now online!

Refer to the New Employee Orientation  page for more information and instructions to access the training.

Health benefits

You have 31 days to sign up for your health benefits. We encourage you to sign up as early as possible. Benefits information is available from Payroll and Benefits Services. To reserve your place at an orientation meeting, contact the PBS Reception Desk @ 303-860-4200 (option 0). You may also take this training online from the Payroll and Benefit Services Website if you have your identikey login and password.

Discrimination and Harassment

In order to create a positive learning, working and living environment, we must provide an atmosphere free of discrimination and harassment based upon race, color, national origin, gender, age, creed, religion, sexual orientation, disability, and veteran status. University of Colorado at Boulder (UCB) staff and student employees must complete an online discrimination and harassment workshop within their first 30 days of hire.

All UCB faculty members must complete an online discrimination and harassment workshop within their first semester of hire. After this initial workshop, all employees are required to complete the online discrimination and harassment workshop at least once every five years. There is no need to register for Discrimination and Harassment training.

Refer to the Discrimination and Harassment training page for more information.

Training for Supervisors of Classified Staff

There are two training courses that supervisors of classified staff must complete:

  1. Discrimination and Harassment (must complete within 30 days from hire date or promotion to supervisor)

  2. Performance Management (must complete within 90 days from hire date or promotion to supervisor)