Officer and Exempt Professional (OEP) Performance Management 

Boulder Campus OEP Performance Management Deadlines, Information and Forms

On June 11, 2012 Chancellor DiStefano announced a new OEP performance management cycle of February 1 – January 31, effective February 1, 2013. This cycle was chosen to accommodate the Regents’ annual merit decision making process and to accommodate supervisors and faculty who also have to conduct performance evaluations for faculty and classified employees. The OEP Performance Management timeline is described below: 


Performance management cycle begins on February 1. Supervisors must conduct evaluation meetings with their employees during the month of February.


A copy of the completed evaluation and rating form must be received by Employee Relations by March 1.  Supervisors must conduct planning meetings with their employees during the month of March.

Departments must provide the performance ratings for all OEP employees to their respective vice chancellor’s office for consideration in the merit process. 


A performance plan must be completed for all OEP employees by April 1.


The performance management cycle ends on January 31. The OEP performance management cycle chart can be found here: OEPPMChart.docx


General Performance Management Information 

Performance management serves as an important mechanism for providing feedback to our officer and exempt professional (OEP) workforce regarding their performance expectations and achievements.

Consistent with Regent Law (Article 3.D), Regent Policies (3.G.D. and 11.C.3), and the Administrative Policy Statement on Performance Ratings for Officers and Exempt Professionals, all OEPs, including those who are partially or fully grant-funded, must receive an annual performance plan, a performance evaluation and an overall performance rating for each OEP position an individual employee occupies.

Supervisors are not required to complete performance plans, evaluations and overall performance ratings for retirees occupying temporary OEP positions. 

Performance Plans

The purpose of the performance plan is to provide the employee with a set of clear, measurable and achievable goals that the supervisor expects the employee to accomplish during the performance cycle. Performance planning should link individual goals to organizational goals (and should include provisions for coaching by the supervisor). If the OEP being evaluated supervises other employees, the OEP’s plan must include a goal pertaining to the timely completion of the employee’s annual performance evaluations in compliance with state law and university policies.

In order to create plans for their employees, departments may use the OEP Planning and Evaluation Template or they may develop plans that suit their individual department’s needs, so long as they are generally comparable with this template. Starting in 2013, performance plans for OEP employees must be put in place by April 1st of each year. For new hires, OEP performance plans need to be in place within 30 days of the employee’s start date. Once completed, both the supervisor and employee must sign and date in the box entitled, “Performance Planning Signatures” in PART I of the template provided above. A copy of the plan should be provided to the employee, and the original plan should be kept in the employee’s departmental file until the evaluation process begins. Plans do not need to be forwarded to Employee Relations.

Performance Evaluations and Ratings

The purpose of the performance evaluation is to provide the employee with substantive feedback about his/her success in achieving the goals that the supervisor set for the employee in the employee’s performance plan at the beginning of the performance cycle. The evaluation forms the basis for the overall performance rating and is the justification for any merit increase.

Regardless of whether departments choose to develop their own plans, all departments must submit a written evaluation for each OEP and must use PART I of the OEP Planning and Evaluation Template when assigning performance ratings to their employees. For employees holding multiple OEP appointments, supervisors must indicate to which OEP position number(s) the rating form and evaluation form apply.

The employee has the right to attach a response to the evaluation and rating form. The supervisor and employee will sign the performance rating form to acknowledge that the rating has been discussed. The supervisor will retain the original signed rating form and evaluation and will provide a copy to the employee.

Starting in 2013, a copy of the employee’s evaluation and performance rating, signed by both the employee and the employee’s supervisor, must be submitted to Employee Relations, 565 UCB, by March 1st each year. For grant-funded OEPs, a copy of the employee’s performance evaluation and rating form should also be sent to The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, 26 UCB.

Employees who do not have a completed evaluation and rating form on file will not be eligible for a merit increase. Additionally, any supervisor who fails to complete an evaluation for each of their employees will also not be eligible for a merit increase. If the OEP supervisor leaves the university without completing an evaluation for each of his/her employees, the next level supervisor is responsible for completing the evaluations pursuant to these guidelines. 

Thank you for your cooperation and for your help in helping our employees be as productive and successful as possible. If you have any questions, please contact Employee Relations at 303-492-0956.

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