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Family Medical Leave

Employee Relations advises departments, classified staff, officers and professional exempts, and 9 and 12 month faculty on the administration of Family Medical Leave. The office of the Vice Chancellor for Research advises research faculty on the administration of FML.

FML is a form of job protection that runs concurrently with all applicable forms of paid and unpaid leave. FML may be taken by eligible employees for the following medical reasons:

  • The birth and care of your newborn child
  • The placement and care of a child from adoption or foster care
  • To care for a spouse, civil union partner, domestic partner, child, or parent with a serious health condition
  • For your own serious health condition
  • For an employee to care for a parent, spouse, civil union partner, domestic partner, child or next of kin who is an injured service member
  • Due to a qualifying exigency when a parent, child, spouse, civil union partner, or domestic partner is called up for active military duty

Specific FML forms for classified and OEP employees must be completed by both the employee and the department for FML to be granted. You may contact Employee Relations at 303-492-0956 for further guidance.

If you are going to be on FML leave without pay for more than 30 days, and also a member of PERA, please complete the following PERA required form: Certification of Leave of Absence
Supervisors and department liaisons responsible for the tracking of Family Medical Leave may find the following spreadsheets useful for tracking leave taken related to an FMLA qualifying condition and monitoring an employee's remaining entitlement:

Family Medical Leave for Classified Staff

A classified staff employee is eligible to take up to 13 weeks (520 hours) of FML leave per a rolling 12-month period, so long as that employee has one year of total state service as of the date leave will begin. This amount is prorated for part-time employees. Specific forms must be completed by both the employee and the department for FML leave to be granted.

FMLA Rights and Responsibilities for Classified Employees 

Family Medical Leave for Officers, Professional Exempts, 9 and 12 month Faculty and Research Faculty

Officers and professional exempts, 9 and 12 month faculty and research faculty may take up to 12 weeks (generally 480 hours) of FML per a rolling 12 month period, so long as they have been employed by the University for at least 12 months and have worked at least 1,250 hours during the most recent 12 month period. Part-time FLSA-exempt employees with an FTE of 50% or greater are presumed to have met the 1250 hours requirement, provided they have at least one year of university service. This presumption will be lost if the employee has taken FML and or any extended period of leave in the 12 months prior to requesting FML. The 12 work weeks are prorated for eligible part-time staff.  

FML Guidelines for Officers and Professional Exempts, 9 and 12 month Faculty, and Research Faculty

 You need Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Adobe Reader to view some of these forms.


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