​Employee Relations

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Who We Are

Pakou Cha, ManagerEmployee Relations
Jason Shelton, Sr. Employee Relations Consultant​ Tracee DeAntoni, Sr. Employee Relations Consultant
Laura Edlin, Sr. Employee Relations Consultant​ Kelly Leandro, Employee Relations Consultant


What We Do

SERVICES IN SUPPORT OF CU - performance management - disciplinary processes - leave administration - policy development - grievances/appeals/disputes - customized trainings - other programs and resources


How We Can Help

Employee Relations is committed to creating and maintaining a positive and productive working environment for all employees in the University community. The Employee Relations team provides guidance and information to employees and supervisors regarding employee relations matters including performance management, progressive discipline, grievance and dispute resolution procedures, and leave issues.  Employee Relations provides trainings and works one-on-one with employees and supervisors to ensure that employees and departments understand their respective rights and responsibilities as governed by University policies and procedures, state rules and regulations and state and federal law. We advise all employees in a fair and unbiased manner and treat all individuals who seek our assistance with respect and dignity. 


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