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Smoking Cessation


Smoking is a prevalent behavior that impacts the health of smokers and those who live with smokers. The CU-Boulder Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) offers the following smoking cessation programs to assist faculty and staff who want to quit. Please contact our office 303-492-3020 for more information.


Smoking Cessation Workshops 

One-time workshops offered periodically throughout the year to provide basic information on nicotine addiction, quitting smoking, withdrawal symptoms, and quit aids like nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and prescriptions medication. These workshops are free and take place on campus.


NRT gum 

If you are ready to create a Quit Plan and quit smoking, FSAP offers NRT gum while supplies are available. Set up an appointment for the NRT intake and Quit Plan session by calling 303-492-3020. Upon completing the intake and planning session, you will receive the NRT gum and follow-up support from a counselor.

Smoking Cessation Support Groups


Using the American Cancer Society Freshstart program, FSAP offers 8-week educational support groups throughout the year to provide support as you decide to become nicotine-free. Support groups are facilitated by a trained counselor and are free of charge.



The following national and local services are also available to support your efforts to quit: - services provided in Spanish and English

Quit Smoking/Tobacco Apps for your Smartphone:


As you may know, nicotine is an addictive substance. Therefore, as with most addictive substances, withdrawal symptoms can occur when you stop smoking. Here’s some information on how to handle withdrawal symptoms when you quit: