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Resiliency Group

Date/Location: TBA

Program Overview:

Resilience is the capacity to successfully adapt in times of stress and uncertainty.  It does not mean that we go through life without feeling anxiety and pain; rather it is a process of overcoming challenges with a sense of well-being and wisdom.  In this educational and participatory workshop series, we will learn and practice several different effective methods for uncovering and developing our natural resiliency.  These strategies include mindfulness, working with the mind-body connection, meditation, emotional regulation skills, cognitive restructuring and building positive states.  Participants will leave with a set of practical techniques that can be practiced in daily life. 


Building resiliency can provide: 

•Increase ability to connect to a sense of joy, relaxation and well-being

•Greater energy and enthusiasm for life

•Improved self-esteem

•Ability to cope more effectively

•Greater sense of clarity and focus  

While participants are encouraged to attend all sessions, each session can be attended in of itself.  The group will meet once a week for an hour.


Please email Yee.Chan@colorado.EDU or call 303-492-3020 for more information or to register.