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University of Colorado - Boulder 

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program  


FSAP offers the following confidential services, free-of-charge, to all faculty and staff members of the Boulder campus.


Counseling Short-term solution-focused counseling is provided to individuals, families, and couples on issues related to work, personal well-being, and relationships. Employees are eligible for up to 7 counseling sessions and may use work time to attend sessions.


Crisis and Threat Response. FSAP responds to campus and/or departmental crises through individual crisis intervention, individual or group debriefings, and consultation for supervisors or department leaders following a critical incident or traumatic event. FSAP is a member of the Faculty and Staff Threat Assessment Team offering consultation and response regarding employees of concern.


Educational Groups.  Group programs are generally 4 to 6 weeks in length and offer an opportunity to receive information and support on issues related to grief, caregiving, parenting, stress reduction, and a variety of wellness topics. Group attendance does not ‘count against’ individual counseling sessions.


Supervisor Consultation. Supervisors and department leaders are invited to contact an FSAP counselor via phone to consult on departmental transitions and problematic behaviors or concerns presented by an employee.


Employee Consultation. FSAP counselors are available to provide, via phone or in-person, consultation on personal, work-life, or work-related concerns.


Work-Life Series' and Workshops. FSAP offers one-time presentations as well as more expansive series or workshops on various topics related to balancing work and life.


Departmental Training. We provide workshops tailored to specific departmental needs including stress management, grief and loss, communication skills, managing change, workplace violence, and supervisory skills. 


Walk-in Appointments. FSAP counselors are available Monday through Friday, 11am – 12pm, to respond to urgent needs or employee crises with no appointment required. All other services are offered by appointment only.


Referrals. Various work-life, counseling, human services, and other referral resources are available to you through FSAP. A counselor will help determine if your needs can be addressed internally through other CU-Boulder departments or externally via community providers. 


How do I contact FSAP?

Phone: 303-492-3020

Office Location:
Administrative Research Center (ARC) East Campus
3100 Marine Street, Third Floor, A353
565 UCB
Boulder, Colorado 80309-0565



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