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Background Checks for Employment at CU-Boulder

The University of Colorado is committed to maintaining a safe and productive educational, clinical, research, and employment environment. One of the mechanisms we use to promote this environment is the campus Background Check Policy. 

Personnel and Payroll Liaisons

 The following is a summary of the procedures guide for ordering a background check:

  1. Submit the Final Applicant’s full name, job title and position number (if applicable), email address, and type(s) of check(s) being requested to Human Resources at Please include the type of appointment the Final Applicant is being considered for (classified staff, exempt professional, faculty, research faculty, temporary employee, student employee, volunteer, etc.) If the appointment is for a student employee, please include a brief description of how the appointment is security-sensitive. If the check is for a volunteer, please include a brief description of the vulnerable population the volunteer will be working with per the requirements of the campus background check policy. 

  2. Promptly notify the Final Applicant that s/he will receive an electronic communication from HireRight Customer Support requesting that s/he submit a background disclosure and authorization form online. 

  3. In those cases where the Final Applicant does not have access to a computer, the appointing authority is responsible for obtaining from the Final Applicant completed and signed forms necessary to authorize a background check, including background disclosure and authorization documents.

  4. Ensure appropriate background checks have been completed prior to entering data for new appointments into HRMS. In exceptional circumstances, and in consultation with Human Resources, the appointing authority may hire a temporary employee prior to the completion of the background check investigation.

Please use the links below for additional reference or to access the Background Check Forms and Screening Authorization forms:

You need Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat to read these documents.


Prior to hire, transfer, promotion, voluntary demotion or other change in position, a background check may be required if one has not been completed in the last three years and upon post-employment self-disclosure. The University of Colorado works with HireRight, a third party vendor, to conduct background screenings. If you have questions about HireRight, please refer to the HireRight Privacy Policy.


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