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​Search Summary Report and Final Steps

At the end of the search, the search committee chair will complete a search summary report which explains the process that the search committee used to identify finalists for the position and provides documentation for affirmative action reporting requirements.  The initial search plan may be used as a guide when creating the search summary and may be attached to the search summary report.  Some colleges and/or departments have search plan and search summary report templates that they recommend be used. If not already tracked in Jobs at CU, a data collection summary may accompany the search summary report if needed to provide a list of all applicants, identifying those that were qualified, those that were interviewed, those that were finalists, who was hired, and the date all candidates were notified of the conclusion of the search.  Applicant data can be exported from the Applicant List Report in Jobs at CU to Excel to assist with completion of the search summary. 

The search summary report should also describe the selection process, such as evaluation criteria, scoring sheets, elimination steps, diversity outreach efforts, interview process, etc.  The search summary report must be completed and submitted to the Campus HR Recruiting Consultant to complete the search process.   

The supervisor/hiring authority may choose to consult with Employment Services regarding an appropriate starting salary for an officer/exempt professional position based on the finalist’s education, skills and experience. A recommended starting salary outside of the approved market pay range given at the beginning of the search process requires advanced consultation with Employment Services and approval from the appropriate campus division officer before a formal offer is made to the candidate.  For guidance on setting salaries, see Salary Setting Guidance

The supervisor/hiring authority will then negotiate the start date, starting salary, and other arrangements with the finalist.  The hiring department will prepare the Letter of Offer using the approved campus template and forward to Employment Services for approval by e-mail through Refer to the Offer Letter page of OEP Process Guide, for specific additional information on offer letter effective date timelines and other requirements for officer/exempt professional positions. If a completed academic degree is a minimum requirement for the position, a transcript or diploma copy must be included with the candidate's application materials in Jobs at CU or uploaded with the signed offer letter as part of the Hiring Proposal process in Jobs at CU. 

Once a job offer has been accepted and the hiring proposal process is complete, the hiring department and/or search committee chair, should ensure each applicant has been notified of the conclusion of the search. The completed search committee records should be maintained by the hiring department in a secured location for a period of no less than 3 years from the date of hire.  The department does not need to retain copies of information that was submitted through the Jobs at CU system.  

You need Microsoft Word to read these documents. 

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