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​Additional Pay for OEP

Additional pay is a non-base building increase to salary and is not a part of the employee’s regular appointment base salary.  Examples include awards, bonuses, moving expenses, incentive pay, etc.  To receive additional pay, the employee must have an active appointment for the time period in which the services were performed.  The Additional Pay Form must be completed and routed for off-line campus signature approval before any payments can be processed.  Refer to the information on Approval Routing for Additional Pay. The Additional Pay Earnings Code Matrix provides guidance in the types of earning codes available for additional pay, the appropriate use of these codes and examples, and identifies personnel groups for which each code applies.  Please review section 1.2.4 of the Employee Services Procedures Guide for more specific information on processing Additional Pay including approval routing information charts found at the bottom of the page.  

To process additional pay for an OEP employee:  

  1. The department liaison or college/school dean’s office reviews the Employee Services Procedures Guide to determine appropriateness of payment, appropriate earnings code to use, and approval routing requirements. 

  2. Department liaison or college/school dean’s office fills out the Additional Pay Form, obtains department Hiring Authority or Dean’s signature, and sets up additional pay batch in HRMS time collection, if needed.  The time collection batch approver will be the appropriate campus division officer’s office (Chancellor’s Office, Senior VC/CFO, VC for Student Affairs, VC for Research, VC for Administration or Faculty Affairs for academic units.)

  3. Department liaison or dean’s office forwards the Additional Pay Form with department level signatures to Employment Services.

  4. Employment Services reviews the Additional Pay Form and signs if approved.  ES forwards signed form to the appropriate campus division office for final signature approval and time collection batch approval, if applicable.  If hand-drawn warrant is requested, the campus division officer’s office will forward documentation to PBS.

You need Microsoft Excel to read these documents.

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