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Classified Letter of Offer and SSA-1945 Form Routing Process

Letters of offer are required for classified employees upon hire (regardless of method), transfer, reallocation and promotion. A new hire checklist and template offer letters are being provided to assist campus departments with the implementation of this new process.  The Social Security Administration form 1945 must be provided to all new hires with their letters of offer. The SSA-1945 form must be completed by the new employee prior to the start of employment.


Classified Letter of Offer Process 

  1. Upon selection of the prospective employee, the hiring department/PPL creates the letter of offer (see template) and forwards it to employment services for an initial review.  Employment Services will check the offer for accuracy in important details and will contact the hiring department/PPL with any questions or changes. Reviewed offers will then be quickly returned to the department for final signatures.  Please send the unsigned offer letter to your Employment Services contact or directly to
  2. After the Employment Services review you may provide the offer letter to the applicant for review and signature. Please note: The appointing authority signature is also required on the letter of offer.
  3. Upon receipt of the signed offer letter from the prospective employee and successful completion of any contingencies (e.g. background check), the hiring department/PPL forwards the original letter of offer and completed SSA-1945 form to Employment Services (ES).
  4. An HR Consultant in ES will approve the signed letter of offer and the HRMS appointment rows. Please remember that appointments should not be entered into HRMS until after any contingencies, such as a background check, have been completed and approved by the appointing authority.
  5. ES will forward the original letter of offer along with relevant application materials to Human Resources-Records for filing in the employee’s personnel file. The SSA-1945 form will also be routed to HR-Records.
  6. Upon final approval of the new hire, the hiring department notifies the non-selected applicants of the outcome of the hiring process.


SSA-1945 Routing 

  1. The SSA-1945 form is provided to the prospective employee with the letter of offer.
  2. The prospective employee is responsible for completing the form. Any questions regarding the form or its contents should be directed to the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 or online at
  3. The original, signed form will be sent by the hiring department/PPL to Employment Services with the signed letter of offer.
  4. ES will forward the SSA-1945 forms to HR-Records, who will make a copy of the form and file the original in the employee personnel file.
  5. Copies of the forms will be collected and then routed (in bulk) to PBS for mailing to PERA on a weekly basis (Thursdays).

Offer Letter 

The new consolidated classified staff Offer letter combines all the previous options into one standard letter that matches the format of the exempt professional offer letter.  Please choose the appropriate options listed within the letter. 

Classified Staff Offer Letter  Updated 11/20/13

Classified Staff Offer Letter (Easy Fill) Requires Word 2010


SSA-1945 FORM  

SSA-1945 (Word Format)

SSA-1945 (PDF Format)

You need Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat to read these documents.