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​Classified Pay Plans

FY 2013-14 Classified Staff cost of living and merit pay increase information:

FY 2013-14 Annual Salary Adjustment FAQ

Classified staff pay plans and annual survey reports:

Memo regarding FY 2012-2013 Compensation plan 

FROM:                Gloria M. Timmons, Director of Employment Services

SUBJECT:          2012-2013 Classified Staff Compensation Plan

DATE:                June 29, 2012

FY 2012-13 Compensation Plan

The official classified staff compensation plan for Fiscal Year 2012-13, effective July 1, 2012, has been published by the Colorado Department of Personnel and Administration (DPA). Minimum and maximum values of pay ranges were not changed from FY 2011-2012, except that the salary lid has been increased to $10,608 per month.  A link to this compensation plan, available in three different formats:  class code order, class title order, and pay grade order, and other related information is available from the CU-Boulder Human Resources (HR) website at:


A position’s overtime designation is determined on an individual position basis and is documented on the Job Evaluation Allocation Decision Notice sent to the department personnel/payroll liaison when a position is classified.  The overtime hourly rate is one and one-half times the calculated hourly rate (including shift differential and on-call premium rate compensation).  For questions on overtime eligibility for individual positions, please contact Employment Services at 303/492-6475.

Premium Pay

The compensation plan includes the official designation of the premium status (shift differential and on-call pay eligibility) for each job class as required by state personnel rules.  This information is coded in the compensation plan under the “PAY DIFF” column and is interpreted as follows:

0            No Pay Differential

1            Shift Differential Eligible Only

2            On-call Eligible Only

3            Shift Differential and On-call Eligible

Departments are required to pay shift and/or on-call premium pay to employees in the classes that are designated as premium eligible. For positions not designated as premium eligible, you may request approval of shift differential or on-call eligibility by submitting forms to Employment Services. These forms are available on the Human Resources website at . The premium pay rates for shift differential and on-call are listed below.

On-call Rate (general employees):             $2.00 per hour.

Shift Differential Rates (no change from last year):

 Job Classes                                    Shift          Weekday       Weekend/Holiday
 Non-Health Care Services Classes   (class codes not beginning with “C”)     1st                         N/A                     N/A
  2nd       7.5%   7.5%
3rd   10%       10%
Health Care Classes  (class codes beginning with “C”)                     1st              N/A                     7.5%
2nd                        7.5%   14%
3rd            14%   20%
Please make this information available to your classified staff employees.  If you have questions regarding the compensation plan, please contact Employment Services at 303-492-6475.

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