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CU-Boulder Background Check Policy - Appendix A 

A Motor Vehicle Check must be obtained for Final Applicants for positions with primary responsibility for driving as outlined below.

Positions with responsibility for operating university owned or controlled vehicles, regardless of frequency.
Groundskeeper assigned a vehicle for purposes of transporting staff, equipment and supplies. Employee responsible for driving catering truck as part of job duties. Administrative Assistant using a university owned vehicle on an infrequent basis to deliver paperwork across campus.
Positions that require any other driving of a motor vehicle, including personal or rental vehicles, on a regular or routine basis to conduct University business.
Admissions Counselor responsible for regularly visiting schools and other events for the purpose of conducting university recruiting.
Positions requiring a commercial driver’s license and Commercial Motor Vehicles operators.
Equipment Operators and Bus Drivers are examples. MVR requirements for these positions are dictated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and managed for our campus through Transportation Services.
Not Required
Infrequent or incidental driving of a personal vehicle for the purpose of conducting University related business.
Using a personal vehicle to drive to a meeting, deliver paperwork to another campus department, or purchase office supplies at a local store.
A Financial History Check must be obtained for Final Applicants as outlined below.
Administrative and Officer positions at or above the Assistant Vice Chancellor level.
Chancellor, Senior Vice Chancellors, Vice Chancellors, Associate Vice Chancellors and Assistant Vice Chancellors.
Leadership positions at or above the Director and Chair level.
Deans, Chairs and Directors and Faculty Directors.
All positions in campus departments with centralized and primary responsibility for significant university resources.
This includes all positions in the following campus departments, regardless of job title or function: Planning, Budget & Analysis, Bursar's Office, Accounting and Business Support (ABS), and the Office of Financial Aid.
This also includes an employee of a central accounting function for a college or school, e.g. in the Arts and Sciences Financial Service Center.
Not Required
Infrequent or incidental access to cash, checks or credit/debit card information. Access to finance system for purposes of conducting university business. Possession of an A-card.
Access to petty cash in a department. Administrative Assistant responsible for accepting occasional payments in the form of cash, check and/or credit card. Accounting Technician responsible for entering data in the Concur system.

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