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Discrimination and Harassment Online Training 

The Office of Discrimination and Harassment (ODH) mandatory training is offered in an online format through SkillSoft (formerly SkillPort). Faculty, staff, and student employees can all take the online training, either for their initial Discrimination and Harassment training as a new employee or for their five year refresher training. Employees must be set up in HRMS in order to take the training.
This online training replaced our on-site training sessions. However, if you have been instructed to attend an ODH training during orientation, please be sure to attend that on-site training. Additionally, if you want to request an on-site or customized training for your department, or if you have questions about the online training, please contact or call the ODH main number at 303-492-2127.

Instructions on how to access the CU-Boulder Discrimination and Harassment online video training

  • Logon to your campus myCUinfo portal ( )
  • Click the CU Resources tab
  • On the column on the left, click TRAINING
  • Click Start Skillsoft*
  • Click Catalog
  • Click University of Colorado - Courses to view the expandable folder structure
  • Click the CU-Boulder folder
  • Click the Human Resources folder
  • Click the course title, CU: Discrimination and Harassment - CU-Boulder and System, then [Launch]
  • Note: Once you have completed the training and quiz, it takes approximately five business days for your score to reflect in your training records.
*If you are having trouble logging in to Skillsoft, you can check your browser compatibility at under "Skillsoft Troubleshooting Guides."
**Please note: All CU-Boulder employees are required to take the Discrimination and Harassment training course within the first 30 days of employment with the Boulder campus, and all CU-Boulder faculty members must complete the training within their first semester of employment. After completing this initial training, all employees and faculty members are required to take a Discrimination and Harassment training at least once every five years, although some departments require employees to complete the training more frequently. If you have completed an on-site training in the past five years, you do not need to take the online training course until your five years has expired.


On September 11, 2013, the Chancellor issued the following mandate regarding Discrimination and Harassment Training:

Office of the Chancellor
At the University of Colorado Boulder, we are committed to providing a community free of discrimination and harassment based upon race, color, national origin, sex, pregnancy, age, disability, religion, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and veteran status. By doing so, we create a positive learning, working and living environment for all members of the University community.
As Chancellor, I am personally committed to creating a campus culture that is free from the effects of a hostile environment. Let’s work together to reduce and prevent discriminatory and harassing acts and sexual misconduct and assaults. I ask that you join me or renew your own personal commitment to creating this campus culture at the University of Colorado Boulder.
Each fall, I encourage you to review the University of Colorado Boulder Discrimination and Harassment Policy and the University of Colorado Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures. At the University of Colorado Boulder, we are all expected to adhere to these policies and procedures. For our faculty and staff who have supervisory duties, we have a duty to report allegations of discrimination and harassment to the Office of Discrimination and Harassment or the Office of Student Conduct. A failure to report can result in disciplinary action.
To educate ourselves and create a welcoming and safe environment, the University of Colorado Boulder requires all faculty, staff and student employees to complete discrimination and harassment training according to the following schedule:
  • Staff and student employees: within first 30 days of employment
  • Faculty: within their first semester of employment
  • Everyone: after initial training, again at least once every five years.
We also require volunteers, affiliates and students who interact with K-12 student populations to take the training.
To complete your training, you can access the new online video training or request on-site trainings for your department or volunteers from the Office of Discrimination and Harassment
For any questions regarding discrimination and harassment, the education and training programs, or reporting procedures, please contact the Office of Discrimination and Harassment at 303-492-2127. The Guidelines for Filing a Complaint of Sexual Assault or Sexual Harassment provide detailed information on how to file a complaint and includes a listing of victim resources for faculty, staff and students.
Thank you for your leadership and cooperation to create a welcoming environment and respectful climate for everyone in our campus community.
Philip P. DiStefano, Chancellor
University of Colorado Boulder
Office of the Chancellor | University of Colorado Boulder |


Departmental and customized trainings available upon request by contacting the ODH at 303-492-2127 or via email at

Spanish trainings available upon request by contacting Omaira Bankston at 303-492-8103.

Other types of training provided by Organizational and Employee Development.